Frequently asked questions

Demo version
What is included in the Celero One demo version?

The demo version intends to give you a quick overview over our workforce management software Celero One. Exemplary master data is already inserted. You can try out all functions. However, data you enter will not be saved.

Test account
How much is a Celero One test account?

You may test Celero One for 30 days with up to 5 users free of charge.

If I opt for a free trial of Celero One, when will my PayPal account be debited?

After the free trial period ends, the test account will be transfigured into a fee-based account. Only then your PayPal account will be debited.

What is included in the test version of Celero One?

In the test version, you may try out all the functions and options of Celero One with your own data. The free trial is available for 30 days and 5 users for the complete workforce management solution, without any limitations. In our overview, you can find all the functions available in more detail.

Price and Function
What's the difference between a user and a licence?

Everyone using Celero One — regardless whether it’s on desktop or via smartphone app — is a so-called ‚user‘. For every ‚user‘, you need a fee-based Celero One licence. If we talk about ‚user‘, this is thus synonymous with ‚licence‘.

Do I have to buy all available functions right from the start, even if I don’t want to use them?

This question is irrelevant for Celero One. We provide one all-encompassing solution, which is tailored to the management of mobile workforces. Including everything you need for that. But without unnecessary ballast.

Why do I have to start with at least 5 users?

Only with 5 users or more, Celero One becomes a suitable solution. At the heart of Celero One rests the idea to manage mobile teams. Those teams usually are built from at least five people. More often than not, they encompass several hundred or even thousand of decentrally organized team members. If needed, you are free to purchase licences for additional users at any time.

Technical questions
With which browsers can I use the Celero One desktop app?

In order to use the workforce management software Celero One on your desktop, you need at least Edge 91.0, Chrome 91.0, Safari 14.0 or Firefox 89.0.

With which smartphones can I use the Celero One mobile app?

In order to use the workforce management software Celero One on your phone, you need at least Android 6.0 oder iOS13.

Does the Celero One mobile app work on tablets and laptops, too?

Yes, it does. You just need the current version of one of these browsers:

• Google Chrome -> download current version

• Mozilla Firefox -> download current version

• Microsoft Edge -> download current version

• Apple Safari -> download current version

Where can I download the Celero One mobile app?

The Celero One mobile app can be downloaded for free via the App Store or Google Play.

How much memory space do I require on my desktop computer to use Celero One?

Celero One is a cloud solution. All data is secured in the Celero One Cloud. The desktop app thus does not require any memory space on your computer.

How much memory space do I require on my smartphone to use the Celero One app?

To use the Celero One app, you should have 100 MB of free memory on your smartphone. The app itself only requires 28 MB. However, to be independent from a potentially unstable connection, important information will not only be saved in the cloud but snychronised on your smartphone. The required volume depends on the used data volume of the respective user.

How do I install the Celero One mobile app on my smartphone?

That’s easy:

1. Download the Celero One mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store

2. Open app

3. Enter licence key

And you’re ready to go.

Do I require technological knowledge to be able to use Celero One?

No, you do not require any technological knowledge. Celero One is ready to use and very intuitive.

I need more licences. Where can I increase the number of my licences?

You may increase the number of your licences at any time. Simply consult your licence manager in your account.

I need more data volume. Where can I increase my data volume?

You may increase your data volume at any time by buying additional data packages. Just consult your licence manager in your account.

Our employees on site are often at locations without a network. Does the Celero One mobile app still work?

Yes, the Celero One mobile app also works in offline mode. A copy of your data is continuously saved on your phone. As soon as your mobile team member is back within the reach of a trusted internet network, the data will be synchronized.

Is there an interface for my current ERP system and Celero One?

We provide pre-set interfaces for web services and FTP connections. Talk to us, we are happy to support you with the implementation.

Where are the cloud servers of Celero One located?

Celero One is hosted 100% in Germany.

How secure is my data?

We use the highly redundant servers of the Google Cloud which are focused on maximum fail safety. Your data, identities, apps and devices thus are secure. Further information on the matter can be found in our data privacy statement, as well as directly on the Google info page:

How available is the Celero One cloud server?

With our servers, we guarantee system availability 24/7 with 99,7%.