Never has the coordination
of mobile teams been so easy.

Celero One includes everything you need to manage and control your decentrally organized teams. All industries. All company sizes. No matter if you have to manage your sales department, your promoters, your field agents, your service maintenance teams.

Desktop app

This is your control centre. Via the desktop app, you can plan, steer and evaluate your decentrally operating team. Easy. Structured. Clear.

Mobile app

The smartphone becomes the communication centre for the next task or assignment. What, where, when, how — with this app, every team member receives their individual deployment plan directly on their own device.

With the integrated route planner, your destination is easy to find. Via chat and video, you keep in touch with the head of operations. If required, you may upload photos and videos for documentation purposes directly into the cloud via the app.

Process manager

The process manager is the Celero One centrepiece. Here you can design and tailor your processes exactly to your wishes and requirements. From big to small. From cornerstones to process steps to task details. Without any programming skills.

The integrated “designer” shows you all processes as a flow chart. Thus, you can see at a single glance the course you have set. And if alternative steps within your processes may lead to the desired goal faster. This way, your field staff is prepared for all contingencies.


Your project structure –
milestones to tiny details

Step 1: With the process manager, you define how your project shall proceed, which tasks have specific deadlines
and what specifications need to be considered by your team.


The implementation of your projects –
you set the pace

Step 2: Now your process can be systematically put into practice. Your decide who has to complete which task until when, you may specify on further details concerning the task at hand and can set your field workforce into motion. With the help of visit reports which can be enriched with pictures and videos, your team on site can document its progress.


Where all the threads come
together and execution quality is key

Step 3: Via the dashboard of the Celero One desktop app, you have everything under control. Charts can be individually set and allow a quick overview. Or you navigate with a few clicks to the specific information and visit report you are looking for.

By the way: it is up to you to decide what exactly your clients get to see - and to allow them an insight into the current status of the project with the integrated dashboard.

Communication tools

Celero One offers you everything you need for the communication with your mobile team: from chat to video to ticket-based internal support.

Integrated emails

Sharing important information via email? Easily done with the integrated email tool straight out of Celero One. No need for an additional email application.

Video conference

Meetings with the team or with a client? Including desktop sharing? Plan your video conference directly in the app. Invite all participants and conduct your calls with the integrated video conference tool - no additional software needed.

Ticket-based team support

The colleagues on site are facing a tricky situation or problem? Simply open up a ticket, explain the issue and wait for an answer by the team leader or expert.

Integrated e-training

Being in control of the training of your external team members. Easily accomplished with the integrated Celero One e-training tool.

Internal research

With the help of the integrated push messages, you can easily and swiftly generate standardized questionnaires for your mobile teams. Perfect, if you wand to know, for example, if here are parking spaces available on site - or who prefers meat, fish or a vegetarian option for the company's Christmas dinner.

Interfaces to external tools

Our interfaces make it easy for you to transfer your data from Celero One to other tools such as Excel, Power BI, or even SAP. Which API do you need? Talk to us.

Business Intelligence Connector

Business Intelligence Connector

With the Celero One BI Connector, you can mirror your data from Celero One in real-time to other BI tools. This allows you to create customised reports easily and anytime, for example in Excel, Tableau or Power BI. And all of this happens automatically. The tedious manual exporting of data is now a thing of the past.