New work and mobile teams: a new digital working world


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Managing mobile teams requires good coordination and communication. Stand-alone solutions do not cover the range of requirements needed for this. Continue to read if you want to know

The world of work has changed fundamentally in recent years. Under the keyword "new work", more and more companies are relying on flexible working time models, digital tools, mobile working and independent work organisation. What exactly is behind the term "new work"? And what does it mean for mobile teams that are already flexible and work with a high degree of autonomy - the "mobile workforce"?

What is new work?

New work is a concept which stands for a new way of working. It is not only about a change in the working environment, but, more importantly, about a new understanding of work and career. The focus is on self-determination, personal responsibility and the opportunity to develop one's own abilities. This development affects both employees in the office and in the mobile workforce.

Flexibility as a daily routine

For many employees in administrative areas, new work concepts are already part of everyday life. Their digital working world is flexible, location- and time-independent with the help of modern cloud-based solutions or tools for digital collaboration and time recording. But what about mobile teams? In many industries, such as healthcare, retail and hospitality, the mobile workforce now makes up the majority of all workers, but is given little to no consideration in the digital transformation of workforce planning.

Mobile teams especially often lack digital tools to facilitate collaboration. Communication is poor, work instructions are often unclear and working time models are inflexible. This can lead to stress, inefficiency and high absenteeism. But how can companies make the positive effects of new work accessible to the mobile workforce?

Exploiting the potential of the mobile workforce

One possible solution for efficient staff scheduling can be a workforce management software. Such software should have a user interface that is as simple as possible, offer a comprehensive service and thus, make it easier for the employees of the mobile workforce to take responsibility themselves and to help shape their daily work. With the possibility of mobile time recording and simple documentation, employees can take care of their administrative tasks even when they are on the road. Provided they are equipped with modern tools. For sustainable development, intelligent workforce management software can also integrate training and further education into the daily work of the mobile workforce.

A new form of success

New work brings a new understanding of work and success, and challenges the classic career and definition of success. A younger generation is introducing new values into the digital work world, such as freedom, meaningfulness, work-life balance, autonomy and creative freedom, thus changing the demands on potential employers. With the right tools, however, a modern digital working world can be created that easily meets these requirements. Innovative companies can thus gain an enormous advantage in the competition for the most sought-after professionals.

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