More sustainability through intelligent workforce management


More sustainability through intelligent workforce management with Celero One

Managing mobile teams requires good coordination and communication. Stand-alone solutions do not cover the range of requirements needed for this. Continue to read if you want to know

More sustainability through intelligent workforce management
Sustainability strategies are becoming increasingly important for companies of all sizes. Especially when granting loans or initiating business with new customers, a company must prove and demonstrate how sustainable it acts across the board. Furthermore, applicants are also consciously looking for employers who convey corresponding values to them.

How is sustainability implemented in the company?

For a company, sustainability means setting long-term goals and, at the same time, conserving resources. To work sustainably, you have to adapt a holistic view of the company. Special attention should be paid to internal processes and thus, to workforce management. Especially in companies that operate with many employees in the field, there are many starting points for saving resources such as time, money, but also carbon dioxide, or paper and water consumption.


Sustainable work with mobile teams

A dedicated strategy for workforce management can therefore save resources and decisively improve the efficiency and thus, the sustainability of large and small teams. This is made possible by appropriate workforce management software.
In order to find weak points and potential saving options, it is important to analyse the entire value chain. Here are some examples:

  • Are there precise schedules in which processes are determined?
  • How complicated is it for office and field staff to coordinate?
  • Do local team meetings tend to be inefficient?
  • Do employees repeatedly have problems with the technology during video chats?
  • Are there always misunderstandings during internal briefings or are order details forgotten?
  • How quickly can it be clarified which employees are suitable for which tasks on site?
  • How easy is it to identify the workload of these employees and how quickly can alternative staff with suitable qualifications and free capacity be found?
  • How time-consuming is the coordination of locations and appointments for local assignments?
  • For example, do staff have to visit a location several times unnecessarily?
  • Do work results have to be recorded several times (e.g. first manually and then digitally)?
  • How complicated is the documentation of work results?
  • How complicated is the reporting procedure for problems on site?
  • How quickly can management evaluate and assess all services rendered?
  • Etc.

The key to success is a workforce management solution

Regardless of how efficiently the points mentioned here are already solved in a company, with a good, cloud-based workforce management software such as Celero One, this can be decisively optimised once again.
In this cloud application, tasks and their solutions are mapped in largely standardised processes. The local employees with the appropriate skills can be automatically selected and upcoming tasks can be planned. The briefing takes place via the cloud software directly on the smartphone of the employee on site. In the same way, the head of operations and the workforce communicate directly, e.g. via the integrated chat or video function. All deployment information is accessible via the app. With just one click, the navigation starts with the current shortest route to the site. The app is also used to communicate the work performance or any problems that may arise. A quick photo, a short note, done. Since everything is done via the cloud, the project manager at the head office receives all the information in real time.

How workforce management with Celero One contributes to sustainability

This way, enormous savings are possible: processes become automated, clearer and more secure. This reduces overtime and rework. Likewise, travel distances or even paper consumption are reduced to a minimum. Fewer errors and faster coordination processes automatically reduce the corresponding energy consumption and other required resources. And last, but not least, the frustration of employees is decisively reduced - and the personal successes and those of the entire team are directly noticeable. The work becomes more straightforward, clearer and thus, more fulfilling thanks to clear processes.

If you want to steer your company towards sustainability, it is worthwhile to use the right workforce management solution. In an initial online demo (link) you will very quickly see how Celero One can help you and your company. Afterwards, you may add your own information to the free trial version and see for yourself what Celero One is capable of.