Celero One accelerates
workforce scheduling


When hundreds of frontline workers need to do a good job in just 2 days

"Some Customers can be very unrealistic and demanding when it comes to deadlines," says Emma Jarvis, Customer Operations Director at the Service Innovation Group UK, "Customers can contact us with only 2 days notice to start a project or change appointments at short notice. We then have to work to bring hundreds of frontline workers with the right qualifications and clear work instructions to the right place at the right time." In the past, this would have been an incredibly difficult task. "It's important for us to accommodate customer requests as much as possible. Since we started using Celero One, we've been able to meet even tighter deadlines more effectively."

At the right time, at the right place

Selecting qualified personnel is very complex in Emma's job. "Our teams maintain shelf space for brand manufacturers in retail, carry out merchandising campaigns in stores, install in-store displays, maintain electronic devices in retail, or support sales teams in the field. Every job is different," explains Emma.

For each of these activities, the operational planning team at the Service Innovation Group UK must find those from the large frontline team who have the right qualifications, are not too far from the deployment location, and still have available capacity. Using conventional tools like phone and email would take days. The Celero One SaaS solution includes a booking module that automates this process. "This booking module helps us enormously," describes Emma. "With the push of a button, the appropriate frontline workers are assigned bookings." Field staff receive a message directly on their smartphone via their Celero One app. "Acceptances and rejections come back to the planning team within minutes via the Celero One software and the workforce is ready to go."

Clear work instructions directly on the smartphone

To get the activity rolling, work instructions must now be handed over to a hundred or more frontline workers depending on the task. "Our briefings, where appropriate are digitalised through Celero One today," summarises the manager. Both the processes and the work instructions are standardised where appropriate and stored in the process manager. "We only need to check if the standard process fits the activity requirements or simply adjust it as necessary.”
With just a few clicks, frontline workers receive their work assignments directly on their Celero One app on their smartphones. “On-site, the step-by-step work instructions in image and text form help them do their job correctly and well," describes Jarvis the process. They simply document their work performance, for example, by uploading a photo to the cloud for the task. It's simple and brilliant."

"Errors in implementation, unnecessary travel times, administrative overhead – all of this has been significantly reduced for us through Celero One. We've become much faster and more efficient, and the team is overall more satisfied," summarises Emma Jarvis.