15 advantages of cloud software in workforce management


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The use of cloud software brings many advantages. Particularly in workforce management, where it is necessary to coordinate many people with a wide variety of tasks, the right software brings

The use of cloud software brings many advantages. Particularly in workforce management, where it is necessary to coordinate many people with a wide variety of tasks, the right software brings decisive added value.

What is a cloud software?

Cloud software is the colloquial term for cloud computing. Here, data is not stored locally on one's own server or PC, but in the so-called data cloud. Computer services such as databases, servers and networks are provided by the cloud via the internet. Users can access these applications from anywhere in the world at any time.

What are the advantages of cloud computing for workforce management?

In workforce management, the task is to efficiently plan and deploy many teams and employees with a wide range of tasks and skills according to current needs and to analyze the results achieved. As a rule, an in-house team manages many teams that are deployed on site. For both sides, the use of workforce management software that is available via the cloud results in relevant advantages:

5 advantages for the workforce on site:

  1. Access to all information for the work assignments is conveniently available via any smartphone thanks to cloud computing
  2. No additional, expensive hardware is required for on-site personnel
  3. The smartphone apps of the cloud software are easy to understand, so that no training phase is required for them
  4. Cumbersome logins and forgetting passwords are a thing of the past
  5. Workforce management software like Celero One comes with many additional features on board. For example, all communication tools are integrated in the smartphone app, so that employees on site can easily and quickly coordinate with the team leader by phone, chat or video conference.

5 advantages for the central management team:

  1. Project managers can quickly interact with many teams, no matter where they are deployed around the world, using the cloud software tools described above.
  2. Small problems of the workforce can be solved quickly and easily on site due to the possibility of fast communication.
  3. Processes are standardized centrally, are customizable, and can be easily and quickly adopted for scheduled work assignments.
  4. When the workforce enters the information into the cloud software, work results are immediately recognizable and analyzable for the project management.
  5. Data is transferred immediately to the cloud and is thus stored centrally and securely. Data islands are thus turned into a central data pool that offers all evaluation options

5 advantages for the company:

  1. The data security of cloud solutions is usually higher than that of own server structures. The data in the cloud is securely protected against hardware failures, cyber attacks, data loss and other influences.
  2. Cloud software is scalable. With Celero Cloud, you only pay according to the number of users and receive all integrated functions without restrictions.
  3. Individual authorization settings make it easy to control who can use which functions.
  4. The cloud software can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. There is no need for in-house IT to install the software or worry about updates.
  5. Hardware costs are also reduced. This means that companies can dispense with in-house servers, energy-intensive server rooms and computers with the high computing power that some client-server software requires.

Is the cloud the future?

The cloud is the future. Major software vendors have already made the switch, and vendors in more specific areas are also turning to the cloud. The advantages of cloud software for users are obvious. In particular, the change in working environments, away from traditional office work, towards home offices and the dissolution of being location-bound, will spur this path.
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