Hello, we are Celero Cloud,
the makers of Celero One

The Celero Cloud GmbH is an internationally active provider and developer of SaaS solutions and applications for the workforce management of mobile teams.

Working for mobile teams all over the world with Celero One

Working for mobile teams all over the world

Wherever mobile teams need to be coordinated, our SaaS solutions and apps feel right at home. For all industries. And companies of every size.

Because our software solutions are flexible and adaptable, they can be adjusted to the needs of each and every mobile team.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, we provide our clients with the support they need — from implementation to support regarding daily questions of users on the job.


Workforce management focusing on practicality and workability

We are the Cloud People – software providers with a passion. We have developed a unique, flexible and smart workforce management software, which is yet unparalleled: Celero One.

We are able to achieve this because we feel at home in two worlds: within the developer’s environment, as well as out there in the daily work of workforce teams. We are familiar with the field and know how teams have to be managed, as well as how to get all users on board.

Celero One keeps the user’s perspective in mind. What does he or she want to achieve? What does the team member need for that? How can processes be optimized? We believe in clear processes and lean management.

Because we want to continue to become faster and more efficient, Celero One has made life-long learning part of its philosophy. And continues to grow with the challenges faced by its users.

Grow with us.