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One for all

The complete workforce management solution.

  • Incl. data storage space The storage capacity for your data is generous at 1 GB per licence. With each additional licence, your data storage space increases accordingly.
  • Unlimited master data Master data management. Employees, customers, services, articles, orders. Everything compiled at one place .
  • Embedded analytics Comprehensive report functions, adjustable reports and dashboards, KPI tracking and 24/7 reporting in real time.
  • Incl. Android/iOS mobile app What do I have to do how and until when? With this app, everyone in your team knows exactly what his tasks are.
  • Unlimited scheduling Projects, assignments, check lists, GPS support, replacement management, wage and salary preparations - everything included.
  • Embedded communication e-mail, chat, video conferences, mobile messages, ticket-based team support, access control and much more.
  • Customizable processes Customise processes. Adapt flexibly and keep an overview of everything.
  • Unlimited documentation Work orders, visit time recording, photo and video documentation - everything is archived within the project.
  • Embedded e-training The full overview over the skill of all employees: planning and managing trainings and semiars.

Additional storage space

The data you upload to the Celero Cloud is saved in our cloud servers. The total storage space available to you is calculated from the number of licences you hold. Every licence comes with 1 GB storage space.
If you book additional licences, your data memory automatically increases accordingly.

If, over the course of time, you should end up needing more memory, you may add additional data storage space via your account at any time. Comfortably available in 5 GB steps.