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Celero One is a professional management tool for your workforce management. Our helpful tutorials offer an easy introduction to the personalised workforce management software.
In short video tutorials, Celero One experts explain how to create resources, send messages, create e-learnings and manage processes in the workforce management software.

Configuring a mission in Celero One

Configuring a mission

(duration: 04 Min.)

How are orders created and how are they assigned to specific employees? Learn all about it in our tutorial video on order management.


Creating an e-learning module in Celero One

Creating an e-learning model

(duration: 05 Min.)

In this tutorial we explain how you can use Celero One to manage e-learning for your employees, retrieve learning successes and automatically assign skills.


Managing processes in Celero One

Managing Processes

(duration: 03 Min.)

In this video tutorial you will learn everything about the heart of the Celero One application: the process manager, with which you can easily define and manage processes for your tasks.


Celero One - a comprehensive management tool for your workforce management