Finally a more relaxed way of managing teams?
Arrange your demo appointment now.

Talking to our experts, you will learn how Celero One can optimise your personnel deployment planning - and how easy it can be to plan, control and evaluate all your processes.

2. Together we look at your needs and plan your start

Has the demo made you curious to find out more? To make the introduction of Celero One a pleasure for you and your mobile team, we will accompany you step by step until integration into your day-to-day business.
First of all, we work with you to analyse your current processes and challenges - and how
Celero One can help you achieve your goals.

3. You put Celero One through its paces

After the analysis phase, are you convinced that Celero One is the right solution for you to efficiently plan, manage and evaluate the deployment of your mobile teams? Then try out the processes and possibilities in practice with a small team. With your real data you can test the possibilities of Celero One in the full version thoroughly. We will actively guide and support you in the process.

4. Together we’ll get your team into position... and off you go

The test phase was successful and you want to spread the positive effects you recognized to the whole team? Then we would be happy to plan and implement the company-wide rollout together with you. Our support team will accompany and support you the entire time up to successful implementation - and beyond.

Talk to us about your individual requirements.

Frequently Asked Questiones

Our promise: If you are not convinced by Celero One, you can spontaneously stop at any time along the way from the demo date to the test phase. And even after the company-wide rollout, you have the option of canceling.

If you stop the implementation process or cancel Celero One after the rollout, we will show you how you can export your data. We will also come to an agreement on how long your data will still be available to you and when we will securely delete it.

  1. Live demo as part of an initial meeting.
  2. Needs analysis and implementation planning. (IN DEUTSCH FEHLT HIER EIN PUNKT)
  3. Test phase in the full version of Celero One with your real data in real use.
  4. Roll-out of Celero One to the entire team.

After the needs analysis and planning phase, we know your requirements and goals and will be happy to provide you with a customized offer.