The success strategy against staff shortage in the healthcare industry


Meeting staff shortages in the healthcare industry with Celero One.

Secret weapon against staff shortages in the healthcare industry: workforce management software

The healthcare industry is in a constant state of flux: new research findings, revised regulations and changed rules. But nothing causes companies to proverbially stumble in their daily operations like staff shortages. Find out here how decision-makers can react to this problem and how they can even gain a considerable advantage with an intelligent tool.

Staff shortages can be solved in two ways: One – simply hiring more staff. Easier said than done though and training is time-consuming. Two – increasing the efficiency of staff deployment. The most effective tool for this is a workforce management software.

Such workforce management software provides a real-time overview of all available staff. No more endless Excel spreadsheets and time-consuming phone calls to fill gaps in the roster. Instead, decision-makers and HR staff have an up-to-date overview at all times and can react to possible bottlenecks at an early stage.

For example, the qualifications of the employees can be better kept in view and coordinated. In addition, shift preferences and legal requirements to ensure that there are always enough employees available are easier to comply with. Unfilled shifts are minimised and overload is avoided at the same time.


Responding flexibly

The key to successfully managing staff shortages is therefore flexibility in staff deployment. Workforce management software enables the implementation of flexible working time models. Employees can work overtime, swap shifts or quickly adjust their availability to bridge bottlenecks. This not only promotes efficiency, but also increases employee satisfaction, as they can actively integrate their needs into the design of shift schedules.


Talking is the key

This level of self-organisation can only be managed through excellent communication. Here, too, workforce management software can score points. With just a few clicks, important information, requests or tasks can be sent to specific groups or departments. Employees are in direct communication at all times. Emerging staff shortages can thus be communicated quickly and efficiently and solved together with the employees concerned.

In a time of high staff turnover, hospitals and medical facilities are faced with the challenge of effectively managing staff shortages. With workforce management software, they have the ultimate secret weapon for real-time overview, optimised staff scheduling, flexible working time models and effective communication. Simply everything you need to successfully manage the staff shortage and ensure high-quality and smooth patient care is combined in one tool.

Join the new generation of healthcare facilities that rely on advanced workforce management software. Because a well-organised and satisfied workforce is the key to success, especially in times of staff shortages.